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 Dugood offers terminal solution for hi-fi computer speaker

Dugood’s concept towards “PC fancy”   Clack

Internet has and still is significantly changing people’s lives, and also greatly influenced hi-fi speaker market. The traditional disk playing mode is confronting challenges from web music resources. Not only MP3 and WMA, but also scatheless compression (such as WAV, APE, FLAC and so on) music are offering abundant music resources. Those resources not only have excellent sound quality, but also most of them are free and have covered almost all the music disks you can find from market. You can even download demo disks from world’s speaker exhibition and speaker manufacturers’ demo disks that you can’t find from markets for free. Recently you can even pay to download entertainment company’s CD mastering WAV file (which is more original than CD disks). With the abundancy of source code audio and lossless compression audio, and also with the popularization of large-capacity hard disk, it has become more and more common for music lovers to download good quality music from internet.

However, it is still a problem for music lovers to save these top quality music onto their own amplifying system. Firstly computer designers might not have considered the influence of computer’s sound card and power circuit. Even though they have installed top quality sound card onto computer, the computer can not offer hi-fi sound because of the interference coming from power and the radiation of main board. Secondly although outside decoder can solve sound problem, normally users do not place computer and amplifying system together, therefore, it is inconvenient to connect them, and the noise coming from computer can spoil your music enjoyment as well. Furthermore, burning music onto music is time and effort consuming, these are the factors that have refrain people from fancying computer more.

However, with the introduction of “Superior Internet CD Player” by Dugood company, the above mentioned problems can be solved.

The sending/reception of “Superior Internet CD Player” can be done wirelessly, losslessly and digitally. It can easily connect your computer with hi-fi speakers. Dugood’s digital audio technology can make the complete digital wireless transmission perfect and offer convenience and excellent sound quality. With the help of Dugood we can enjoy the boundless music resources brought by internet. “Superior Internet CD Player” will offer you wonderful music life experience.

“Superior Internet CD Player” has two models:

WDDC: wireless digital to digital converter plus USB emitter

WDAC1: wireless digital to simulated converter WOLFSON 24bit/192k DACplus USB emitter



 WDDC can change digital audio streams into standard S/PDIF coaxial/optical fibre output. It suits all top quality audio decoders or AV receivers. It suits all Dugood integrated fission CD player and “Ideal 3rd” decoder. 




 WDAC has hi-fi 24bit/192K stereo audio decoder inside and can be directly connected to all kinds of hi-fi or AV speakers to obtain excellent sound quality.


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