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   Shenzhen Dugood Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2002, specializing in research and development, manufacture and sale of HI-FI media products with OEM&ODM capabilities. The mission of the company is always providing our products with both good price and superior quality to the customers. Relying on the innovative designs and the splendid quality, Dugood HI-FI HD DVD Player and incorporate type fission CD Player are well known all over the world, we Dugood also becomes one of the most important HI-FI manufactures in China. The high quality close service of Dugood always enjoys the good faith in the field and obtains the good prestige and public praise among the customers.

     In product design, Dugood focus on the core technology and quality, consider that the HI-FI video and audio is the combination of the art and technology together. The technical foundation is the physical premise; artistic taste enables the product to have the inspiration. In order to reaches the most reasonable design in technology field, Dugood is always extremely carefully checking each circuit and the reasonable using of the materials; in art design, Dugood is always checking the music performance again and again, in order to get the beautiful touching sound from our products. The concrete sound style of Dugood's products, we can say that is ?ultured sound? we cannot accept any sick state "to be beautiful", healthy sound should be full of vitality, and impressive by the people also. Moreover we also oppose the sound likes the wild horse out of control, she must have the leisured temperament, can be controlled appropriately.

     Except pursuing the superior performance of the product under the limited condition, Dugood also focus on the reliability and the durability of the products, we also guarantee the best after sales service to all our customers. We believe that only precise design and hard working can create the outstanding products, satisfactions of the customers from Dugood is our best joy for ever.


Shen zhen Dugood Electronic C.,ltd

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