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Romoted in 2009, offers ideal sound quality improvement for affordable sound resource equipment and PC.    

DAC-3W Hi-fi wire and wireless digital audio decoder

 1. Brief introduction

    Dugood is the first company in the world that introduces hi-fi DAC decoder with both wire and wireless digital audio reception. Apart from having standard digital audio optcal fibre and coaxial input, it has specially added digital wireless audio receiving and sending function for PC audio. It is like an extra “web CD player” placed inside the “Ideal 3rd” decoder.

    This product still applies advanced 24bit/192k decoding chip AK4394, second order phase-locked loop and simultaneous shaping technology which are only used in top quality decoders. Its really low jitter can easily achieve perfect audio decoding quality and improve the sound quality of DVD, CD and top set box and receive top quality digital audio effect. At the same time, as it has “web CD player” function, which will help you receive excellent sound enjoyment while connecting your computer to Hi-fi speakers. In this way you can enjoy boundless web HI-FI music resources and make your computer a powerful music playing station. The convenience and outstanding sound quality of this product is a combination of technology and flexibility which offers great quality and affordable price.


2. Introduction of features
It applies wireless, non-destruction and complete digital sending/reception, which helps connect your computer and hi-fi speakers easily. You can enjoy boundless music resources brought by internet as well as the outstanding sound quality of Ideal 3rd products.

It uses 24BIT/192K DAC chip AK4394VF as stereo digital-to-analog converter.

Digital reception applies AK4112 to work with relay switching three channel digital audio input.  

It uses second order phase locking and simultaneous shaping technology to reduce jitter.

True ballanced output from DAC to XLR.

Dugood specially developed Pure Class operation/amplification modular OP6805A as RCA output.


3. Technical indicators
Dynamic range: 117dB@24BIT,98dB@16BIT

Harmonic distortion: smaller than 0.0015%(20-20K Hz)
Signal to noise ratio: 110db
Frequency response: 5-50KHz(+0,-3dB)

Isolation: bigger than 100dB


Net Weight:4kg

4. Instructions
    Connect optic fibre, RCA coax and USB to DVD/CD/Top set box/loader/computer. Remember to set the input mode into PCM mode (you do not need to set CD player, CD loader or computer). Then connect RCA audio output of LXR ballanced output onto your speaker and amplifier. The phase switch of the faceplate is used to switch the phase mode of audio output so that you can find “true phase” for your system. The sound difference is very fine and the one with more clear sound is considered to be true phase. Insert USB transmitter into computer USB interface and set input of the decoder at AIR position, with the help of Foobar2000, you can acquire all sorts of hi-fi audio playing options from your computer.

5. Packing list
1) 1x power cord, 1x audio cord, 1x USB extention cord, and 1x optical fibre cord.

2) 2x receiving cords.

3) 1x USB wireless digital audio transmitter.

4) Instruction

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